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This is a fine example of a classic Alpina B7
I love these shots


We often think about the fact that this car was for sale in 1985, when the Autobahns were empty and petrol prices 1/3 of today’s robbery.  Imagine being a business-man, opening the double garage-door on your 1980’s designer home in the German woods, and starting up a car that out-performs a Ferrari Testarossa whilst sporting the aerodynamics of a garden-shed. You paid 146.000 Deutschmark for this car, against 188.000DM for a Testarossa.  520Nm. 1410 kilos. Dogleg gearbox.  You gently warm up the 6 litres of oil, and smoke a 911 turbo, first on acceleration on winding B-roads and later on top-speed. All in a days work!

Photography by Max Earey

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