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New Models by TWS Foged

TWS Forged New Model 2012

TWS Forged builds some of the best wheels for the best cars in the world. TWS (Taneisya Wheel Supply) uses 8000 ton Die Forging technology and the most advanced aluminum alloy as well as Magnesium alloy to build wheels of the highest strength to weight ratio. In 2012, TWS Forged debuted 5 new models to an already stellar line up.

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Our favorite source for E30 love. Thanks for the great write up!


After our earlier story of the B6 2.8, it is now time for the M20 powered C2 2.7. The E30 with the biggest displacement M20, coming in at a healthy 2693 cc. Exactly the same as the efficiency oriented 325e, but instead of looking for low-down grunt, trying to extract as much hp and torque as possible. The result is 210hp and 267Nm with a higher redline and a very linear power delivery. Alpina is using their normal magic to achieve this power hike; Mahle pistons, Alpina camshaft, custom cylinder head, Alpina equal length headers, full exhaust system, new motor management and some other goodies.

Not only the engine was overhauled, also the suspension and brakes were taken care of. And to give the car its own identity, the standard Alpina recipe was being followed; unique front spoiler, Alpina staggered wheels (7Jx16 and 8Jx16), rear spoiler and the well-known striping. These were…

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ADVAN Racing Introduces NEW Designs for 2012: GT and RS II

ADVANRacing is well known amongst  the BMW community for such offerings as the ADVAN Racing RS, RZ, RZ-DF and of course the TC III.  As they have every year, Yokohama Wheel Original Design released 2 new designs for 2012.  The first is the ADVAN Racing RS II and the other is the new Form Forged GT.


ADVAN Racing GT is an technology milestone for ADVAN Racing. This is only the second wheel from the ADVAN Racing line to be built using the latest forging technology. (the first was the RZ-DF).  The success of the TC III’s 5-spoke design in offering a strong and versatile solution for the massive brakes of current has been infused with the forging technology used on the RZ-DF to produce a strong lightweight wheel with multiple rim depths. The result is the ADVAN Racing GT.

This is also the first model to come with the all new finish; Semi Gloss Black and the Racing White. The initial introduction is based on 20″ models and 19″ models are to follow.  This is in line with the need for 20″ wheels on such new performance cars as the GT-R and the F10 M5.

Advan Racing GT machining & hyper black

Advan Racing GT semi gloss black

Advan Racing GT Racing White


The Advan Racing RS was originally introduced in 2005 and quickly became the wheel of choice for many that needed the lightweight performance. back in 2005, the GTR spokes of the RS was unheard of in the world of cast wheels. 2007 was the year they gained world wide recoginition as the supplier of wheels to the Italian PRO Team in the much demanding WTCC.

2012, ADVAN Racing redesigned this highly successful wheel. Why touch on perfection? Well, to improve on it.  Such were the demands of the WTCC cars and the result is the RS II.  The RS II shares the same overall design and feel of the RS butwith more material removed strategically, from the side of the spokes to reduce weight while addiing to the rigidity inan I-Beam like formation.

The RS II also shares the all new Semi Gloss black and the famous 5-coat Racing Hyper colors.  ADVAN Racing also improved on the availability of sizes, compared to the RS.

Advan Racing RS II Semi Gloss Black

ADVAN Racing RS II Specification Chart

The Much Talked About BenSopra GT-R with the ADVAN Racing GT

Nissan 370Z  with the Machining & Hyper Black ADVAN GT

For more information Contact Us or check out at Style77.com

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New BMW M6 to debut at Geneva

2012 BMW M6 (render)

The new BMW F10 M5 has gained much media love and coverage over the past year or so and we’ve all seen the production versions since its debut sometime in June.  BMW Blog has done much coverage on this and there are lots of great articles by BMW Blog on the F10 M5.  But not much is known of its (faster) sibling to come; the M6.  The above picture is a render or an artist’s impression of the M6, but we believe it will be close to the actual model that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 2012.

Here is what we can speculate:

Engine: bi-turbo V8 4395cc producing 552bhp and 501lb ft of torque that stretches from 1500-5750 rpm (very flat!!)  from the F10 M5.  the F10 M5 has a 0-60 mph of 4.4sec. we expect the M6 will do slightly faster.

Body: 2-door coupe but could see a 4-door Gran Coupe version (don’t know if that is good or bad…). With BMW ///M boasting new composite manufacturing skills, we should see lighter body and more Carbon Fiber use, especially on the roof.

Brake: Carbon brakes with “Blue” calipers (the new BMW ///M Signature?)

Using the very potent bi-turbo V8 from the F10 M5 brother mated with the seven speed M-DCT and the active Differential, the M6 will be blistering fast and styling doesn’t look too shaby!  I am just wondering if a Gran Coupe version wouldn’t cannibalize on the F10 M5 or is there enough demand for both. We can only wait.

(source: Car Magazine UK)

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BMW X6M by Vorsteiner

The E71 X6M by BMW is a mean machine to begin with.  Although, some may call it an SUV or a Cross Over, there is nothing “Utility” about the X6M.

It is all about Performance and with so much power to the rear wheels, I am not sure that this is the best Utility that you’d take to your next ski trip. But, it sure is a mean machine to blast through town and have enough room for that trip to grocery store that you promised your wife/girlfriend about.

Vorsteiner took on themselves to bring some character to the X6M.  They added an aggressive front lip and an all new vented hood (in carbon fiber; of course) and finished up the rear end with a new deck lid spoiler and a full carbon fiber diffuser to match the 4-tip exhaust that will scream “power” at the blip of the throttle.

Here is a video of the BMW X6M by Vorsteiner

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This is a fine example of a classic Alpina B7
I love these shots


We often think about the fact that this car was for sale in 1985, when the Autobahns were empty and petrol prices 1/3 of today’s robbery.  Imagine being a business-man, opening the double garage-door on your 1980’s designer home in the German woods, and starting up a car that out-performs a Ferrari Testarossa whilst sporting the aerodynamics of a garden-shed. You paid 146.000 Deutschmark for this car, against 188.000DM for a Testarossa.  520Nm. 1410 kilos. Dogleg gearbox.  You gently warm up the 6 litres of oil, and smoke a 911 turbo, first on acceleration on winding B-roads and later on top-speed. All in a days work!

Photography by Max Earey

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BMW M3-R by setra

The E46 M3 is a great platform for Tracking in its Virgin form but when boosted and stripped, this is what you get!

source: http://www.youtube.com/user/setra86?feature=watch

you can also catch the step by step build here: http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=373619

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