About stylesevenseven

At Style77, we don’t have a “just sell everything” mindset. We handpick the brands and products through experience and knowledge that we have gained and built over the years.  To many, this may seem like a bad business plan and it may be so; but our goal is to serve one customer at a time and serve them to the fullest of our ability and knowledge. We may lose a “sale” or lots of “sales” because we had to turn our customers away from a less than mediocre product, but if we can capture one customer that is truly happy with the product and service that we have provided, then we would have hit our goal.

There are many different brands and product out there. In fact, probably too much. The social networks and the forces of WWW have not made it easy for regular car enthusiasts to dissect and distinguish between the bad products and the excellent products that make a difference. We as fellow enthusiasts really get disheartened to see the blurring of this distinction.  Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to sift through this pile of blended mix of junk and gold and worked hard to bring out the hidden treasures.
Price is a huge factor for consumer of every genre and market segment, these days. There is a very loosely used misconception that expensive products are good products and vise versa.  However, this is not always true.  Products that have been developed the right way; by utilizing proper research and development, testing, and by fusing experience and know-how based on years of crafting products are going to have a higher cost of development than replicas that have been built by taking short cuts on material and production with looks/designs that merely tried to resemble the original creations.  However, when purchasing (especially aftermarket automotive products) the true cost should be measured by the impact of putting the products on your car over its life time, taking into consideration such expensive and irreplaceable elements such as safety, ease of mind, fitment and overall longevity.
We are fellow enthusiasts and we love cars. We have a passion for making them unique and personal.  We believe that you are reading this because you share the same passion and if that is so, you have come to the right place.  We don’t just sell products, we sell a service dedicated to satisfying you and your passion.
Please take some time to browse through our catalog and if you like what you see and would like to see more, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

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