Volk Racing VR. G12 for Porsche

With Porsche moving to center lock for the ultra high performance cars, it comes as a mix blessing for tuners as this kind of system seems to have “weeded” out the bad wheels from the good (at least to some degree) but also limited choices. Used to be that any wheel company making 3pc wheels in the US could build wheels for such cars as the GT3 or the Turbo. With some great lighting and even better photography, they even made it look good.

The trick is really to build something that adds positive value to the car. That includes performance and looks. I don’t like the idea of one without the other and unless you drive your car really fast all the time and on the track and it’s visible only to a handful of car junkies for 10 weekends a year, I am quite sure that you’d like it to look good as well.

Volk Racing VR G12 brings tons of positive value. Built by Rays Engineering of Japan, the technology and research and development is not just a marketing punch line. Rays Engineering builds wheels that has graced the tarmac of the F1 circuit through the (now no-more) BMW Sauber F1 cars and endured the torture of the LeMans on the heels of the RLL BMW GT cars. Rays Engineering is also the wheel of choice for the Porsche Motorsport 911 GT3 R.

(source: www.porsche.com)

Volk Racing has not always been synonymous with Porsche or much of the European Marques. Over the past decade, Volk Racing has slowly been developing and designing wheels for the European cars. The efforts have been very successful. Within the 2012 line up, you can find multiple wheels specific to Porsche; Volk TE37 (TUV approved), Volk TE37 Super Lap, and of course the VR. G12 in both the regular lug bolt set up as well as the Center Lock variation.

Volk Racing VR. G12 Lug Bolt System

Available Sizes and Options

  • Front: 19 – 8.5
  • Rear: 19 – 9.5 / 11.0/12.0
  • Available to fit 996, 997 as well as the Boxster and Cayman models
  • Standard Color:Extreme Silver(shown) / Formula Silver Double Machined
  • Optional Colors available

more information on Style77

Volk Racing VR. G12 Center Lock System

Center Lock System

Available Sizes and Options

  • Front: 19 – 8.5 / 9.0
  • Rear: 19 – 11.0/12.0
  • Available to fit both Wide body and Narrow body models
  • Standard Color: Double Machining with Black Clear (shown)
  • Optional Colors available

More information on Style77

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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