KW Dynamic Damping Control

With more and more cars being released with a form of dampening adjustment from within the cabin, such as the EDC on BMW’s and PASM on Porsche, it is about time someone came up with an off the shelf solution that will link directly into the OEM system. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on all cars. KW has developed the KW DDC with electronic damping control for the following cars: VW Golf MK VI, VW Passat 3C, and the Scirocco (which we don’t even get here in the USA).

Quote from the KW website:

KW DDC with electronic damping control
With the new Dynamic Damping Control, DDC, KW has designed a new coilover suspension, which uses the original 3-way button to adjust the damping.
KW combines the individual height adjustability of the coilover suspension with the adaptive OEM damping control. The driver can choose between 3 modes:
’Comfort’ for bad road conditions or just a relaxed ride, ‘Normal’ for sporty daily use as the best compromise between performance and ride comfort or ‘Sport’ for best handling and response.

No additional installation effort
The kit retains all advantages of a typical KW Coilover kit, means:
The lowering can de adjusted in between the TÜV certificated adjusting range. The stainless steel technology ?inox-line? guarantees that all parts remain movable, even under heavy use and in salty winter time.
The new dynamic damping system, DDC, is available as a complete plug and play solution for the VW Golf MK VI, Passat 3C and the Scirocco, equipped with OE damping control

Technical Flyer <- Click Here



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